Parc Sud Galaxie 10, rue des méridiens 38130 Echirolles France

Develops GaN nanostructure-based LEDs for Display applications.

Aledia is a start-up company started in 2021 in the Grenoble area (France) to develop GaN nanostructure-based LEDs for Display applications. It has 220 people (30% PhDs), has more than 250 patent families granted or in application, and has raised €270M in four financing rounds. It is still pre-revenue, currently sampling its first products for start of sales at the end of 2023.

Aledia has two nanowire LED platforms :

  • The most mature, now being optimized for volume manufacturing, is based on blue-emitting GaN nanowires on 8’’ silicon wafers, using color conversion for green and red colors. This platform has one of the smallest µLED (1.2µm in diameter) with up to 30% WPE, and has demonstrated the first 300mm µLED wafers fully operational. With this platform Aledia is releasing its first product, a 160µm RGB single-chip LED for fine pitch videowalls and luxury TVs.
  • Aledia next-generation microLED platform (Platform 2), still in R&D, allows direct emission in RGB (all colors obtained with GaN) with a controlled emission angle — most of the light can be emitted in a +/- 20° cone. This platform targets 6500ppi (2µm subpixel) single-chip RGB arrays for AR applications.

Aledia’s value proposal differs depending on the application:

  • Ultra-small yet energy-efficient microLEDs (3.5µm) and associated chip-transfer technology, to allow very cost-competitive mid-size displays (watches, phones, tablets, laptops)
  • Ultra uniform colors (no binning), wide color Gamut (>> 100% DCI-P3),
    Active-matrix displays with passive-matrix backplane, i.e., without using TFT backplanes, using on-chip control circuit integration (SmartPixels or digital LEDs),
  • High voltage (up to 12V) single-chip RGB pixel for TFT backplanes (direct replacement of OLEDs).

Aledia has built a factory near Grenoble (France) for high volume epitaxial growth and low volume LED processing manufacturing; high-volume manufacturing capacity is being implemented in different countries including in Asia, closer to the market.