MicroLED tiled displays – current status and future roadmaps (April 2023)
One of the advantages of microLED technology is the ability to create completely seamless tiled displays, offering unique cost and design advantages.

Tiled microLED displays are already on the market, but available displays are extremely expensive, targeting the commercial and ultra-premium residential markets.

This whitepaper discusses tiled microLED displays, the current market and industry status, the technologies required to produce such displays, the roadmap ahead – and also a microLED tiled TV chip cost analysis and a discussion on how could such displays compete with premium OLED TV displays.

MicroLED yields – and strategies to overcome (February 2023)
Yield is an important parameter for display makers, as low yields can drastically increase production costs per panel sold.

In the microLED industry, yields are even more crucial and are still a major challenge. In addition, as microLED production involves several de-coupled steps, the yield discussion is more complex compared to the situation in LCD or OLED production.

This whitepaper discusses microLED yields, the current status, and the challenges ahead. It continues to present several strategies and technologies that helps to mitigate the yield problem.

MicroLED smartwatch displays in 2023, LED cost analysis (January 2023)
Progress in MicroLED technology and industry inspires estimations that leading consumer electronics producers are about to release microLED smartwatch displays – some even expect the first product by the end of 2023, although that seems a bit optimistic, and most analysts are looking at 2025 at the earliest.

This analysis document looks at the latest technology status and estimates cost measures required to reach this goal – an actual mass-produced microLED wearable display, with a focus on the cost of LED chip production.