ams-OSRAM AG Tobelbader Straße 30 8141 Premstaetten Austria

ams OSRAM is a global leader in optical solutions

What motivates us at ams OSRAM is our drive to explore and design new technology. Bringing intelligence to light and passion to innovation, we enrich people’s lives. With our vision to become the uncontested leader in optical solutions, we will continuously advance our technologies in sensing, illumination and visualization. We imagine radical new applications that make life better for everyone – from making journeys safer to medical diagnosis more effective and daily moments a richer experience. Because, Sensing is Life.

In an increasingly connected world, sensing is taking a crucial role by closing the gap between the physical and the digital. Using the full spectrum of light we allow humans and machines to capture and understand the world around us. Combining sensors, software and emitters, we bring the information that our environment holds to light by capturing, analyzing and visualizing it. We sense the world and make sense of it.

Through imagining the impossible, we create exciting innovations that enable our customers in the consumer, automotive, healthcare and industrial technology sectors to maintain their competitive edge. As a combined company, we offer the broadest portfolio in the market. This enables us to develop the complete optical high-tech solutions our customers seek, while envisioning new possibilities they haven’t yet imagined.
Our passion for innovation is complemented by the enduring and trusted partnerships we build with our customers. By partnering with innovation leaders in our markets, we are inspired to design front-runner solutions to game-changing industry trends, such as autonomous driving and 3D sensing in mobile phones.

With our reputation for reliably delivering prime quality – and our industrial capacity to bring innovation to the world at scale – we deliver best-in-class profitability and growth. Our passion for progress is driven by our sense of humanity. It is this that awakens our imagination and energizes us to make bold decisions in disruptive innovation. Together, we advance humanity with sense. Sensing is Life.