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Laser-based solutions for the microLED industry: from a single laser source up to LLO, LIFT and repair systems

Coherent makes the amazing possible using the power of light. Performance, quality, and a global expert network support our customers in scientific, medical, electronics, and manufacturing markets.

MicroLEDs represents an exciting opportunity, potentially lowering the costs for very large area displays as well as some small area display applications. High energy, ultraviolet lasers are the key to success to cut production costs, increase throughput, and improve quality. Coherent provides several solutions from a single laser source, optical systems up to an integrated system for the three vital processes in MicroLED fabrication: Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), and Repair/Trimming. Coherent also covers more process steps of the entire MicroLED production chain from laser cutting by ultrashort pulse lasers to Laser Assisted Bonding (LAB) by diode lasers.