Fraunhofer IZM

Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM​ Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25​ 13355 Berlin Germany

One of the world’s leading institutes for applied research and the development and system integration of robust and reliable electronics

For 30 years, more than 440 employees have been finding technological solutions in cooperation with partners from industry and academia. Emerging challenges are addressed in branches
such as automotive and industrial electronics, medical engineering, ICT and semiconductor technology.

Our technologies connect the individual components, protect components and devices from vibration and moisture, and
reliably dissipate heat. Fraunhofer IZM thus ensures that electronic devices continue to function reliably in even the
harshest conditions. Modern packaging technologies make developing smaller and smaller products possible. We
process ICs thinner than a sheet of paper. The institute, founded in 1993, disposes of a lab area of over 8,000 sqm.
About 80 percent of our turnover in 2021 was earned through contract research.