nsc innovation

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #03-26, Singapore 139951


Monolithically integrating GaN LEDs with silicon CMOS to enable microdisplay solutions

nsc is a groundbreaking integrated circuit design company based out of Singapore. Our chips are the first to effectively integrate silicon CMOS with GaN LEDs monolithically and at full wafer scale, while maintaining compatibility with traditional CMOS manufacturing. By doing so, nsc offers the functionality and manufacturability needed to enable widespread adoption of microdisplays. These highly efficient and cost-effective LED pixelated light engine (PLETM) chips can serve as the backbone for displays that will change the form factor of wearables, increase battery life, decrease cost, and make possible game-changing new product innovations. Our integrated chips are produced by co-opting existing manufacturing equipment and processes in order to deliver them at commercial scale.