MicroLED Backplanes workgroup meetup

During this meetup, the members of the MicroLED Backplanes workgroup will discuss the work done so far towards the roadmap document, different backplane technologies and next steps.

  • Possible microLED backplane technologies include
    • PCBs
    • LTPS
    • Oxide-TFTs
    • OTFTs
    • MicroICs
    • CMOS (microdisplays on silicon)
  • Tiled TVs: move from PCBs to TFTs (LTPS)
  • LTPS is likely to remain the backplane of choice at least in the next 3-5 years
  • Next-gen technologies will require further R&D effort to achieve market readiness
Event Date & Time

05 Oct, 2023 11:00  CET