Production processes, yields and scalability workgroup meetup

During this meetup, the members of the Production processes, yields and scalability workgroup will discuss the work done so far towards the roadmap document, different backplane technologies and next steps.

  • LED production yields and transfer process yields are not ready for mass microLED display production
  • The industry is moving forward with increased capacity and scaling up capabilities, but these initiatives are still relatively small and total industry capacity is still miniscule
  • Niche market applications may be approached even with low-scale production, powered by the unique microLED production process
    • Automotive
    • Premium wearables
    • Premium TVs
    • Defense / Medical
    • Microdisplays (AR/VR)
  • For mass market application, the industry needs to leap forward in two major ways:
    • Adoption of next-generation production processes and technologies
    • Increase production volume to enable production cost reduction and improved process stability.
Event Date & Time

05 Oct, 2023 17:00  CET